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ATSAF Academy – Funded projects

Arevalo, Ashly

University of Hohenheim, DP Dr. Frank Rasche / CIMMYT, Dr. Hannes Walter Karwat

Wheat genotype adaptation to heat and drought stress and its implication on rhizosphere metabolome and microbiome dynamics

Asravor, Jacob

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Manfred Zeller / IITA, Dr. Alexander Nimo Wiredu

Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Farm Performance and Household Welfare: Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique

Awoke, Mahlet Degefu

Humboldt University of Berlin, PD Dr. Stefan Sieber / ICRAF, Dr. Anthony A. Kimaro

Developing an Assessment Framework along the Agroforestry: Food security Nexus: Sustainable Dryland Strategies for people-centered Land Restoration in Tanzania

Baldivieso Soruco, Carla

Humboldt University of Berlin, PD Dr. Stefan Sieber / WorldFish, Dr. Mark Dubois

Collective action and governance of aqua agroecological food systems in Cambodia

Balingbing, Carlito

University of Kassel, Prof. Dr. Oliver Hensel / IRRI, Martin Gummert

Enhanced monitoring and classification on insect pests in stored rice based on their sound signature

Beck, Lilian-Marleen

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kaufmann / ICRAF, Dr. Delia Catacutan

Inter-organizational learning to foster co-development and implementation of agroforestry innovations in Cambodia

Bisia, Collins Muhadia

Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie, Prof Dr. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl / ILRI, Dr. Sonja Leitner

Water pans as multifunctional components of climate-smart landscapes in semiarid regions

Bochmann, Helena

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Uwe Rascher / IRRI, Dr. Amelia Henry

The long-term effect of rice lateral root types on drought recovery and yield

Chavez Miguel, Giovanna

Humboldt University of Berlin, PD Dr. Stefan Sieber / CIP, Dr. Stef de Haan

Agroecology as a strategy for ruralreconstruction and resilience-buildingin the aftermath of shocks and crises: pathways towards reaching “building back better”on the Peruvian and Colombian Andes in context ofpost-conflict and covid-19

Dambo, Geckem

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Folkard Asch / CIMMYT, Dr. Matthew Reynolds

Remotely sensed spectral indices as indicator of climate resilience in wheat breeding context

Deissler, Luzia

University of Hannover, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote / ICRAF, Dr. Kai Mausch

Drivers of Change: Understanding the Process of Complex Technology Adoption in Sub Saharan Africa

Do, Hoa Thi

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Eike Lüdeling / ICRAF, Dr. Nguyen La

Transisitoning to tree-based farming systems – Exploring barriers to agroforestry uptake among smallholder farmers in Northwest Vietnam

Hossain, Shahadat

University of Gießen, Prof. Dr. Franco H. Falcone / ILRI, Dr. Philip Toye and Dr. Lian Thomas

Development of a fluorescent RBL reporter system for diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis

Islam, Md. Amirul

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker / CIMMYT, Dr. Timothy J. Krupnik

CropShift-Bangladesh: Significance of newly emerged cropping systems in supply demand synchrony and crop nutrient management strategy

Joseph, Jacob Emanuel

University of Göttingen, Prof. Dr. Reimund Paul / ICRISAT, Prof. Dr. Anthony Whitbread

Understanding the climate-induced crop production risks and designing on-farm level agro-advisory tools in the drylands of Senegal and Tanzania

Lienert, Anja

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Christian Lippert / The Alliance (Bioversity and CIAT), Dr. Stefan Burkart

A system’s perspective on adoption barriers and potential upscaling paths for the sustainable intensification of cattle husbandry in the Colombian Amazon

Maina, Kevin Wanjau

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Martin Qaim / ILRI, Dr. Elizaphan James Oburu Rao

Assessment of farmers’ preferences for bundled delivery of East Coast Fever vaccine amongst smallholder dairy producers in Kenya

Mbabazi, Esther Gloria

University of Kiel, Prof. Dr. Awudu Abdulai / The Alliance (Bioversity and CIAT), Dr. Enoch M.Kikulwe

The Adoption and Impacts of Banana Agronomic Practices on the Livelihoods of Rural Smallholder Farmers in Uganda

Oloo, Richard Dooso

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Mizeck Chagunda / ILRI, Dr. Alley Okeyo Mwai

The contribution of natural gut microbial populations to genetic relationship between degree of resilience to tropical environment and productivity in dairy cattle

Pandey, Ambika

University of Gießen, Prof. Dr. Michael Frei / IRRI, Dr. Jauhar Ali

Understanding the genetic and physiological basis of arsenic responses and exclusion in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Paudel, Gokul Prasad

University of Hannover, PD Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen / CIMMYT, Dr. Peter Craufurd

Examining the interlinkages between water, agriculture, and poverty in the Indo-Gangetic Basin of South Asia

Seidel, Anna

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Regina Birner / ILRI, Dr. Todd Crane

Assessment of the adaptation strategies of dromedary pastoralists under climate variability in northern Kenya

Surendran Padmaja, Subash

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Martin Qaim / CIMMYT, Dr. Vijesh V. Krishna

Economic and environmental impacts of laser land leveling technology in the Indo-Gangetic Plains

Tiozon, Rhowell Jr.

University of Potsdam, Prof. Dr. Alisdair Fernie / IRRI, Dr. Nese Sreenivasulu

Genetic diversity of pigmented rice and its nutritional benefits

Volk, Johanna

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Folkard Asch / CIP, Dr. Maria Andrade

Model-supported identification of phenotypic traits and development of a field-based screening tool for salinity tolerant sweet potato clones