MSc Career Exploration Scholarship (JST)

JST supports Junior Scientists affiliated to a German universities for a 6 months internship at a CGIAR center. At the same time, it supports Junior Scientists from partner countries (as per OECD DAC list) for a 6 months internship at a German research institution. Both can be working – either parallel or sequentially - within the framework of the same collaborative research project between the CGIAR center and the German institute. Both will have the opportunity to collect data in the scope of their master’s thesis research. The respective Junior Scientists constitute a Junior Scientists Tandem.

JST is a career exploration scholarship and part of the ATSAF Academy. The program uses synergies with existing programs such as the ATSAF Academy PhD Research Scholarship. PhD projects can receive valuable additional work through the research projects of the Junior Scientists. Research is an innovative and creative process that often changes as it progresses, depending on the nature of the results from each step of the research. The research projects of the Junior Scientists can be used to separately or additionally research individually arising aspects of a PhD project. Working within a ATSAF Academy PhD project is therefore particularly recommended.