Funded projects

PhD Research Scholarship

Arevalo, Ashly (Colombian)

University of Hohenheim, PD Dr. Frank Rasche / CIMMYT, Dr. Hannes Karwat

Topic: Wheat genotype adaptation to heat and drought stress and its implication on rhizosphere metabolome and microbiome dynamics
Country of Operation: Mexico

Asravor, Jacob (Ghanaian)

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Manfred Zeller / IITA, Dr. Alexander Nimo Wiredu

Topic: Integrated soil fertility management, farm performance and household welfare: evidence from smallholder farmers in Mozambique
Country of Operation: Mozambique

Awoke, Mahlet Degefu (Ethiopian)

ZALF, PD Dr. Stefan Sieber / ICRAF, Dr. Anthony A. Kimaro

Topic: Developing an assessment framework along the agroforestry: food security nexus: sustainable dryland strategies for people-centered land restoration in Tanzania
Country of Operation: Tanzania

Baldivieso Soruco, Carla (Bolivian)

ZALF, PD Dr. Stefan Sieber / WorldFish, Dr. Mark Dubois

Topic: Collective action and governance of aqua agroecological food systems in Cambodia
Country of Operation: Cambodia

Balingbing, Carlito (Filipino)

University of Kassel, Prof. Dr. Oliver Hensel / IRRI, Martin Gummert

Topic: Enhanced monitoring and classification on insect pests in stored rice based on their sound signature
Country of Operation: Philippines

Beck, Lilian-Marleen (German)

DITSL, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kaufmann / ICRAF, Dr. Delia Catacutan

Topic: Inter-organizational learning to foster co-development and implementation of agroforestry innovations in Cambodia
Country of Operation: Cambodia

Bisia, Collins Muhadia (Kenyan)

KIT, Prof Dr. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl / ILRI, Dr. Sonja Leitner

Topic: Water pans as multifunctional components of climate-smart landscapes in semiarid regions
Country of Operation: Kenya

Bochmann, Helena (German)

Forschungszentrum Jülich, Prof. Dr. Uwe Rascher / IRRI, Dr. Amelia Henry

Topic: The long-term effect of rice lateral root types on drought recovery and yield
Country of Operation: Philippines


Chavez Miguel, Giovanna (Mexican)

ZALF, PD Dr. Stefan Sieber / CIP, Dr. Stef de Haan

Topic: Agroecology as a territorial governance strategy for rural reconstruction and resilience-building in the aftermath of shocks and crises
Country of Operation: Peruvian and Colombian Andes


Dambo, Geckem (Malawian)

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Folkard Asch / CIMMYT, Dr. Matthew Reynolds

Topic: Remotely sensed spectral indices as indicator of climate resilience in wheat breeding context
Country of Operation: Mexico

Deissler, Luzia (German)

University of Hannover, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote / ICRAF, Dr. Kai Mausch

Topic: Drivers of change: understanding the process of complex technology adoption in Sub Saharan Africa
Country of Operation: Kenya and Zambia

Do, Hoa Thi (Vietnamese)

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Eike Lüdeling / ICRAF, Dr. Nguyen La

Topic: Transisitoning to tree-based farming systems – Exploring barriers to agroforestry uptake among smallholder farmers in Northwest Vietnam
Country of Operation: Vietnam

Hossain, Shahadat (Bangladeshi)

University of Gießen, Prof. Dr. Franco Falcone / ILRI, Dr. Philip Toye and Dr. Lian Thomas

Topic: Development of a fluorescent RBL reporter system for diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis
Country of Operation: Germany

Islam, Md. Amirul (Bangladeshi)

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker / CIMMYT, Dr. Timothy J. Krupnik

Topic: CropShift-Bangladesh: Significance of newly emerged cropping systems in supply demand synchrony and crop nutrient management strategy
Country of Operation: Bangladesh

Joseph, Jacob Emanuel (Tanzanian)

University of Göttingen, Prof. Dr. Reimund Paul / ICRISAT, Prof. Dr. Anthony Whitbread

Topic: Understanding the climate-induced crop production risks and designing on-farm level agro-advisory tools in the drylands of Senegal and Tanzania
Country of Operation: Senegal and Tanzania

Lienert, Anja (German)

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Christian Lippert / The Alliance (Bioversity and CIAT), Dr. Stefan Burkart

Topic: A system’s perspective on adoption barriers and potential upscaling paths for the sustainable intensification of cattle husbandry in the Colombian Amazon
Country of Operation: Colombia

Maina, Kevin Wanjau (Kenyan)

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim / ILRI, Dr. Elizaphan James Oburu Rao

Topic: Assessment of farmers’ preferences for bundled delivery of East Coast Fever vaccine amongst smallholder dairy producers in Kenya
Country of Operation: Kenya

Mbabazi, Esther Gloria (Ugandan)

University of Kiel, Prof. Dr. Awudu Abdulai / The Alliance (Bioversity and CIAT), Dr. Enoch M.Kikulwe

Topic: The adoption and impacts of banana agronomic practices on the livelihoods of rural smallholder farmers in Uganda
Country of Operation: Uganda

Oloo, Richard Dooso (Kenyan)

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Mizeck Chagunda / ILRI, Dr. Alley Okeyo Mwai

Topic: The contribution of natural gut microbial populations to genetic relationship between degree of resilience to tropical environment and productivity in dairy cattle
Country of Operation: Kenya


Pandey, Ambika (Nepalese)

University of Gießen, Prof. Dr. Michael Frei / IRRI, Dr. Jauhar Ali

Topic: Understanding the genetic and physiological basis of arsenic responses and exclusion in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Country of Operation: Philippines

Paudel, Gokul Prasad (Nepalese)

University of Hannover, PD Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen / CIMMYT, Dr. Peter Craufurd

Topic: Examining the interlinkages between water, agriculture, and poverty in the Indo-Gangetic Basin of South Asia
Country of Operation: Nepal


Seidel, Anna (German)

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Regina Birner / ILRI, Dr. Todd Crane

Topic: Assessment of the adaptation strategies of dromedary pastoralists under climate variability in northern Kenya
Country of Operation: Kenya

Surendran Padmaja, Subash (Indian)

University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim / CIMMYT, Dr. Vijesh V. Krishna

Topic: Economic and environmental impacts of laser land leveling technology in the Indo-Gangetic Plains
Country of Operation: India


Tiozon, Rhowell Jr. (Filipino)

MPI, Prof. Dr. Alisdair Fernie / IRRI, Dr. Nese Sreenivasulu

Topic: Genetic diversity of pigmented rice and its nutritional benefits
Country of Operation: Philippines


Volk, Johanna (German)

University of Hohenheim, Prof. Dr. Folkard Asch / CIP, Dr. Maria Andrade

Topic: Model-supported identification of phenotypic traits and development of a field-based screening tool for salinity tolerant sweet potato clones
Country of Operation: Mozambique