PhD Research Scholarship

Applications are possible with an MSc degree in Agricultural Sciences or a related field with an above average final grade. For non-European degrees, a ranking from the issuing university must be included.

Graduates interested in applying for the stipend must first get in contact with a senior CGIAR++ Scientist and a German university professor to develop the scientific proposal. Only applications from such “tridems” will be accepted.

In addition to you will need the following documents:

1. Cover letter signed by the applicant, including a motivation statement

2. Application form – please use the provided form

3. Curriculum vitae, signed and dated in tabular form (one page)

4. MSc certificate and transcript of academic records issued by the examination office

5. TOEFL or IELTS certificate or other English proficiency certificate according to the regulations of the hosting university

6. Letter of recommendation and supervision commitment from a German university professor (thesis supervisor) – please use the provided form

7. Letter of recommendation and supervision commitment from a CGIAR++ centre scientist (thesis supervisor), stating the attachment to a CGIAR++ research project – please use the provided form

8. Hosting Agreement from the respective CGIAR++ centre – please use the provided form. If the provided form cannot be used after all, please ensure, that the meaning of the statement in the provided form is retained in the form you use.

Please convert documents 1 to 5 (in this sequence) into one PDF file and send your application in one e-mail to Please name the files in a systematic way: <applicant’s last name – year – application ATSAF Academy>, (e.g. Smith-2021-application ATSAF Academy). Documents 6 to 8 have to be sent by the respective supervisors.

Application must be complete (documents 1 to 8 must be received by the ATSAF Academy) before being considered for further selection process.

Call for applications is closed